Sunday, 25 April 2010

It has to start somewhere.

And that somewhere may as well be with this post.

Here begins the long-procrastinated decision to start writing in some sort of "blog". This website having not one but two domains with the word "blog" at the start, and even a logo with the letter "B", which, one might speculate, might even itself stand for "blog", seemed to out-compete all other websites on quite the extent to which the word "blog" prevails.

I spend a lot of time thinking over things I observe in my home cities and others, and a lot of that time scheming things that could be done. Especially so with the three years of my BA having fostered my interest in Urban Theory, Transportation Planning, Public Space, That very paternalistic tradition of modernist architecture and planning, those things that make cities function in the way people tend to like, and so on and so forth, getting further from succinct academic categories, and towards vague and rambling descriptions. So I hope to share the parts of that I think to be sufficiently sensible and readable.

I also intend to blog my travel experiences - a lot of which I plan in the forthcoming months, which hopefully will prove as exciting as it has before, such that I regretted not writing about it all. The time I spend in the USA researching for my dissertation will also, all things to plan, be logged here.

So with those being the motivation, it remains now to be seen what I actually end up doing here, which may diverge a very long way from such intentions. But hopefully whatever it is shall prove entertaining to one or two people who might read it sometimes.


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